* It is said that Kauthuvam is the distorted name of Kavithvam. It only explains why the Kauthuvams have no raga  restrictions.

* When one sings for Bharatanatyam, the singer cannot explore or dwell on the swaras for as long. Also the notations are/ can not be sung for bharatanatyam. The sollus are sung/ recited, which doesnt happen while singing for a carnatic music recital.

* Lucky are those who get a chance to make their motherland proud. congratulations to Abhinav Bhindra

* If you are scared that the alta will spoil your dress, then use a red permenant marker. It will take a couple of washes to take the colour off your  hands though.

* Make use of good quality colorless cellotapes to keep the jewellery in place on you while dancing.


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