My Experiance At Natyaanjali


I don’t know how right or wrong it is to share some not so pleasent experiances one has had with something that is popular and big, especially when everyone around seems to be only singing praises. Well, let me start with the pleasentries. Yes it is great to be a part of Natyaanjali. The sheer proximity of the temple, the dancers, so much of talent and creativity infuses a very different kind of vibrance in one. Though I was supposed to go to Chidambaram and Thanjavur, due to reasons, I was, on request, kindly relocated to Thirunallar, Nagapattinam and Kumbakonam. All my tickets were booked and I got to know that I was soon to be a mommy again. I was in a dilemma whether or not to go ahead with my plans. With my health and now this news, I had 4 programs in 3 days, travelling not including. Well, with family and doctor giving me a nod, I decided to go ahead.
My experiance in with the Govt. was good. I only hoped they gave more publicity about the cultural evening, and time to me also. The anchoring for the dance recital could be done in a much much better fashion. But, with Govt. dept., I didn’t expect much. What I got was more than what I thought.
Then I came to Nagapattinam. In a not so bad hotel, but in really hot and sultry weather. The non-ac room didn’t help much. The organizer came and met me. I told him that I was exhausted and that I was pregnant. I conveyed that I might not be able to cover the time they have given me, even with all my preperation. He told me to rest and gave me an option to don the role of a rasika. No way. On shivaratri night, I have to dance. It was the Lord’s calling, I was about to cancel everything. The fact I am here is becoz He wants me to dance. So they were kind enough to get me an AC car to and fro Thirunallar and Nagapattinam. I did dances on Shiva theme, as they had requested. Lovely audiance. I remember, the elderly gentlemen kept glued to their seats thru my performance, especially when I did ” yethanai sonnalum”. Then when I finished and joined my mother in the audiance, they turned back and just smiled at me. There were few who said I was good, but that smile, was more than a compliment. After I finshed in Nagapattinam, they asked me to be on the stage. The organizer announced that “today not only this artist danced, but her baby that she is carrying had its arangetram” and etc in Tamil. He was kind enough to make me the lucky one when he told me that I was the first one to have the shivaratri prasadam, while handing the packet to me. He even arranged the dinner in my room at 12 in the night. Quite an honor it was. Sad that quite a few well known dance teachers and gurus donot prefer or not aware that Natyanjaali happens in these places too. Its nice when you dance for the audiance and influence them, who are not used to the likes of Chidambaram.
Then I travelled to Kumbakonam. It was a nice reception. Atleast here, I got an ac room, to my relief. The lunch was simple yet very very delicious in a satram kind of place. In the evening I got ready before time. I wanted to see other performances. To my delight and dismay, when I reached there, Sonal Mansingh was dancing. She is a reservior of talent. But, now too old. The dancers I met during lunch were all dressed and waiting for their turn. There I met Probal Gupta. I saw his advert in I was so happy, dont know why. I met him, introduced myself. Then I sat almost next to him. I just commented about Sonal Mansingh being too old, and then I realized I was heard by a representative from Southern Cultural zone. After I exchanged the contact information, I noticed few dancers eagerly waiting for their turn. Talking to them I realized that one of them was waiting since 6.30pm for her turn to dance. Mine was at 9.20pm. I again went to Probal Gupta to ask his time slot. He told me very curtly that he will talk to me later. I thought he was watching Sonal Mansingh. Later the way he avoided me made me realize that I did some thing to set him off. Was it becoz I am not as big a name as he thinks he is, or is it becoz he can’t handle a disarming smile and a friendly gesture from a co-artiste.
Time was running out. There was another Kathak artiste, student of Birju Maharaj I guess, who had to catch the ssame bus to Chennai as I. He went and requested a couple of artists including Probal if they could cut a couple of minutes down, then he can manage 5-10 minutes of his slot and them be on time to catch the bus. They all said it was fine. But acutally exceede their alloted time. Prema, Probal were before me. Then the Kathak artist. He came to me with the same request and I told him I will do 10 min of my 20 mins alloted time. Both him and the organizer were happy.
When an artist is given time, is it not good to stick to that time. This goes for Sonal Mansigh too. The bigger celebrity you become, is it not good that you set standards and examples. It was as if this was the last stage on which these dancers will ever dance. Prema danced 3min more than her time, Probal danced for more than half hour. Me and the Kathak artist were down to 10 mins each. When him and the organizer thanked me for being understanding, I told them audible enought to other dancers, dancing is not just moving your hands and legs in coordination. Its a spritual experiance that comes from within. It starts from understanding, oneself and others. This is what my guru taught me. If I have to make a mark, then I dont need half hour for it.
I was a part of another festival where this artist was made to stop dancing as he exceeded his alloted time, by stopping the music. In retrospect I dont tthink it was a bad idea. We all are educated enough to understand that 20 minutes never means 21 or 25 minutes. I request the organizers too to please in future, when you give an artist a time, make it amply clear that they have to be in that time – no matter how big a celebrity he/she be.