The future of Bharatanatyam: A rasika’s view (from

A writer contemplating the future of Bharatanatyam less than a century ago would never have anticipated the revolution about to take place over the coming decades.  In the same way, it is quite certain that Bharatanatyam a century from now is going to look different from what we know today.

The following article is a compilation of some of my observations as a rasika, and not a dancer, of several trends that I see in the Bharatanatyam world.  My hope is that the comments and questions in the article will engender discussion and debate by those more knowledgeable than me in these matters.  In my view, Bharatanatyam does indeed have a strong future but is currently undergoing certain changes that could have a profound impact on the art form.  This article aims to discuss certain trends that I have observed over the past few years and attempts to raise some important questions for dancers and scholars in this field.




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